Report on the promotion of trustworthy data spaces and digital self-determination

On 30 March 2022, the Federal Council took note of the report "Creating trustworthy data spaces based on digital self-determination" by DETEC (OFCOM) and the FDFA (DIL).

The report suggests that the potential of data use is not fully exploited in Switzerland today. The report identifies the creation of trusted data spaces as a promising approach. The concept of digital self-determination makes it possible to improve access to data while strengthening control over one's own data.

Based on the report, the Federal Council mandates the FDFA and DETEC to develop a voluntary code of conduct for the operation of trustworthy data rooms and to develop approaches to strengthen interoperability between data rooms. The Network Digital Self-Determination will be closely involved in this work.

Report: Report Creation of trusted data spaces based on digital self-determination
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Discussion paper on digital self-determination

This discussion paper provides an introduction to the Swiss Digital Self-Determination Network initiative. It was drafted by a working group comprising representatives of the Federal Administration, research and business. The aim of this paper is to make the concept of digital self-determination accessible to a wide readership and present ideas for its further implementation.

A general description in the introduction is followed by details on the relevance of digital self-determination. The basic principles, legal aspects and the establishment of trusted data spaces are then presented as key components of digital self-determination. The three annexes contain fictitious use cases from the mobility, education and energy sectors.

PDF: Digital self-determination discussion paper

Publication of data space Needs analysis of BEI

In order to identify the needs of individuals in Switzerland with regard to the sharing and use of data in data spaces and their design, and thus to involve the population in the process of developing trustworthy data spaces, the Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen has conducted a study in collaboration with the University of Lausanne. The study was co-financed by a contribution from the Directorate of International Law of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

To summarise, the results of the study show that individuals in Switzerland see a need for trustworthy data spaces in Switzerland and are able to assess and differentiate between the benefits and risks of different application scenarios thanks to their already high level of data literacy.

PDF: Datenraum Bedürfnisanalyse

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